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Offer Seamless Insurance at the Point of Sale

Our digital-first, embedded SaaS platform allows you to generate personalized auto insurance quotes within 30 seconds or less. It analyzes application data and third-party data—on customer preferences—to deliver insurance policies with unmatched relevancy and competitive pricing.

Find Out Why Digital-First Matters

McKinsey estimates that new-car purchase journeys will shift to 10–25 percent digital and used cars purchase will increase to 25–50 percent digital. Our digital-first platform offers a better way to serve customers and extract more lifetime value from their car purchases.
In The Car

Key Platform Benefits

ITC’s platform offers OEMs and car dealers several benefits including opportunities to offer:

Real-Time Quotes:

Leverage data and algorithms to instantly calculate premiums based on relevant factors about the car and driver.

Increased Convenience:

Eliminate the need for customers to visit multiple insurance providers or wait for quotes via traditional channels.

Enhanced Transparency:

Provide detailed information about insurance coverage, terms, and conditions.

Faster Activation:

Generate insurance quotes and facilitate the purchase process in real-time to expedite insurance activation and new vehicle purchase.

Cost Efficiency:

Give customers access to competitive rates with the right coverage.

Quote and purchase in 30 Seconds or Less


Connect your vehicle sales system or customer portal to our white-labeled platform, through our API, to keep customers in your ecosystem.


Watch ITC aggregate application data with 3rd party data and present you with a competitively priced insurance policy within 30 seconds.


Create brand loyalty by offering your customers the best possible auto insurance policies based on their unique preferences, needs, and budget.
In The Car

Streamline Operations: Experience Seamless Integration with Our Platform

Our embedded platform integrates directly into an OEMs and car dealership’s digital infrastructure, allowing for streamlined processes and a superior branded experience. This eliminates the need for separate software or manual data entry.

Rod Fox

Rod is the Managing Partner of F&S Ventures, a privately-held insurance investment firm he formed in 2008 with Jim Stanard, the former CEO of RenaissanceRe. Rod is also Executive Chairman of Howden Tiger. Howden Tiger is a global strategic reinsurance and capital advisory firm, working with a high-end group of insurers. Prior to Howden Tiger, Rod served as the Chief Executive Officer of Praetorian Financial Group where he led the re-structuring, re-branding, and successful sale of the $2B specialty property and casualty insurer to QBE of the Americas. Prior to PFG, Rod was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Benfield Group’s US reinsurance platform. Rod holds the CPCU designation and is a graduate of Middlebury College and the Executive Risk Management Program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Rod Fox


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