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Revolutionize Your Car Sales Success:

Unleash the Power, Experience, Vision & Innovation

In The Car (ITC) is a cleverly disruptive synthesis of people and technology revolutionizing the value of the car buying process through our embedded, digital-first auto insurance products.

The Time to Reinvent Your Business is Now​

In addition to car sales, automobile dealers and OEMs have traditionally relied on revenue growth from vehicle service work and financing packages (F&I). As F&I penetration reaches a saturation point, this revenue stream will flatten out. OEMs and car dealers, who want to continue generating revenue, are exploring new revenue streams. This is where our embedded auto insurance platform comes into play.

You secure long-term commitment, which gives you an opportunity to build on a steady revenue stream for years to come.

Insurance is highly “sticky” with an average retention rate of 84%. When customers buy auto insurance alongside their car purchase, you secure long-term commitment and a steady revenue stream for years to come.

Benefits of Enhancing the Customer Experience

Increase Customer

Delight your customers through the convenience and cost savings of a  value-oriented purchase of complementary offerings.

Build Customer

Give customers peace-of-mind through data-driven quotes generated by our secure, digital first SaaS platform.

Attract Repeat

Build strong, long-term customer relationships—for a greater share of wallet—through auto-insurance products.

Save Your Customers Up to 15% on Auto Insurance

Traditional insurance companies spend more than $10 billion each year on advertising; an absorbent expense they pass on to customers. In The Car does not advertise. This enables us to save your customers—with good driving records and credit—as much as 15% on auto insurance.

Keep Them Coming Back, Over-and-Over.

Customers appreciate the extra value and support provided by OEMs and auto dealers who provide attractive, value-added services at the point of sale. It increases customer satisfaction and retention.

“We are at a turning point within the car market where OEMs and dealers must reinvent and differentiate themselves or risk being left behind.”
Matt Edmonds
CEO - IntheCar

Rod Fox

Rod is the Managing Partner of F&S Ventures, a privately-held insurance investment firm he formed in 2008 with Jim Stanard, the former CEO of RenaissanceRe. Rod is also Executive Chairman of Howden Tiger. Howden Tiger is a global strategic reinsurance and capital advisory firm, working with a high-end group of insurers. Prior to Howden Tiger, Rod served as the Chief Executive Officer of Praetorian Financial Group where he led the re-structuring, re-branding, and successful sale of the $2B specialty property and casualty insurer to QBE of the Americas. Prior to PFG, Rod was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Benfield Group’s US reinsurance platform. Rod holds the CPCU designation and is a graduate of Middlebury College and the Executive Risk Management Program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Rod Fox


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